I. Nirmal Chhaya , Nirmal Chhaya Complex, Jail Road, New Delhi

Key Features:

  • Nirmal Chhaya is a statutory institution Under Section 21 of the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1956. The Department declared Nirmal Chhaya as a Protective and Corrective Institution in 1988. Sanctioned capacity of the institution is 100 residents.
  • Women and girls are admitted and discharged from the Institution as per the Court orders.
  • The Institution provides free boarding, lodging, medical care, mental health care, protection, counseling, psychiatric treatment, vocational training, guidance, basic education and recreation activities for the residents.

Nodal Officer:
Superintendent, Nirmal Chhaya Complex, Jail Road, New Delhi-110064

Contact Details:
Nirmal Chhaya Complex, Jail Road, New Delhi-110064. Tel-28520348.