I. Short Stay Home, Nirmal Chhaya Complex, Jail Road, New Delhi

Key Features:

  • Short Stay Home provides short or temporary shelter to the needy women/girls who are in distress in the age group of 18-45 years, whose restoration/re-adjustment in their families or admission in suitable institutions is still pending. Sanctioned capacity of the institution is 50.
  • Women are encouraged to take up basic education courses and vocational training in order to rehabilitate them back in their families. A cutting & tailoring instructor is available in the Short Stay Home for skill development training of the residents.

Eligibility Criteria:
The Short Stay Home is open 24 hours for women/girls who are:

  • Victims of family discord, mal-adjustment and victims of ill-treatment; victims of domestic violence; destitute, deserted women/girls who are in need of immediate protection.
  • Women/ girls who are suffering from incurable, infectious or communicable diseases or physical disability or mentally retarded or leprosy affected are not eligible for admission.
  • If a woman is having dependent children, then only such children, who are below six years of age will be permitted to stay with her, provided they are not suffering from any infectious or incurable disease.
    • Children above six years of age of women residing in short stay institution are kept in the Children Institution run by the Department as per provisions of Juvenile Justice Act.

Nodal Officer:
Superintendent, Short Stay Institution, Nirmal Chhaya Complex

Contact Details:
Nirmal Chhaya Complex, Jail Road, New Delhi, Tel-28520114.