Delhi Pension Scheme to Women in Distress (Widows, Divorced, Separated, Destitute, Abandoned Women)

As per FM Budget Speech 2007-08, this scheme is proposed to be replaced by a new scheme “ Pension to widows” from April 2007


In order to provide social security by way of financial assistance to widows in the age group of 18 to below 60 years, Govt. of NCT of Delhi proposes to start a pension scheme for the widows, who are bonafide residents of Delhi and without adequate means of subsistence.


In the year 1997-98, the scheme of Financial Assistance to Widows was started, whereby widows in the age group of 18 to below 60 years were given one-time assistance to start some livelihood programme. However, it has been noticed that in practice, very few women are able to actually utilize the assistance effectively; for most it is reduced to just a one-time assistance which they use for their daily use until the money runs out and they are back to square one. Also, when the women get the assistance in lump sum, many unscrupulous people try to divest them of the money received. Additionally, the absence of any social security makes these women very vulnerable and at the mercy of others, resulting in their exploitation and a rise in corrupt practices. If we are to empower the women, esp. the more vulnerable ones, it is important to accord them some regular pension which can help sustain them without giving in to unwanted pressures. Therefore, in order to maintain a continuous flow of money to the widows, a Scheme of Pension for Widows was decided to be introduced which would provide a regular source of income to the women on a quarterly basis.


A pension will be paid quarterly @ Rs. 1500/- per month per head through ECS by RBI.


i) The following widows in the age group of 18 to below 60 years shall be eligible for Pension under this scheme:- (a) Those who are domiciled in Delhi and have been residing in Delhi for more than 5 years continuously preceding the date of application. (b) Those whose family income from all sources does not exceed Rs. 60,000/- p.a. (Rs. Sixty Thousand only per annum) (c) The applicant should not be receiving any pension or financial assistance from MCD and/or NDMC or any other source.
ii) The following widows in the above said age group shall not be eligible for Pension under this scheme:- (a) Inmates of any Institutions/Homes run by the Govt./Local Bodies or and Voluntary Organization. (b) Those who have remarried. The pension shall be stopped once a widow remarries. Every year each widow shall have to submit a certificate from the area MLA about her marital status for continuation of pension. (c) Those who have already received assistance under the Scheme for Financial Assistance for Widows from Department of Social Welfare or WCD.


i) Application for Widow Pension shall be submitted in the prescribed form to the District Social Welfare Offices of the respective Districts, area MLA/ MP or Financial Assistance Section, Department of Social Welfare, Govt. of National Capital Territory of Delhi, GLNS Complex, New Delhi- 110 002. The application forms shall be obtainable free of cost from the abovementioned offices.
ii) The application shall contain the recommendation from the Member of Legislative Assembly of National Capital Territory of Delhi or the member of the Parliament of the area concerned.
iii) The following documents shall be attached with the application:- a. A copy of the death certificate of beneficiaries’ husband issued by the Registrar, Births & Deaths; b. A copy of ration card or voter identity card or any other proof of residence and age; c. Income certificate issued by Revenue Authority of jurisdiction; d. An affidavit to the effect that no Financial Assistance/ Pension has been received by the applicant for this purpose from any other Govt. organization, non-government organization, Municipal Corporation of Delhi or New Delhi Municipal Corporation or any other statutory or non-statutory agency for this purpose.


The District Social Welfare Officer of the concerned District shall be the Competent Authority for verification of the contents of the application. The Competent Authority may satisfy himself about the content of the application by conducting such verification as deemed necessary by any departmental official or other officials especially deputed for the said purpose.


The District Social Welfare Officers of the respective District shall be the sanctioning authority who shall pass each case on the basis of report of verification conducted by the departmental official or other officials especially deputed for the said purpose.


i) The Sanctioning Authority shall have the right to stop payment of pension, if at any stage it is found that it was sanctioned on furnishing of false information or the conditions for which the pension was granted no longer exist. If a widow resorts to professional begging, assistance shall be forfeited. ii) Pension shall cease to be payable on the death of the widow, and if she dies before receiving assistance for a particular period, the same shall lapse.


It shall be obligatory for the widow receiving pension under the scheme to intimate any change of address to the Department of Women and Child Development, Govt. of National Capital Territory of Delhi within one month of such a change.


i) The pension shall remain valid to a person till she attains 60 years of age, subject to the conditions mentioned in these rules. ii) The pension shall become payable from the month from which it is sanctioned. The rate of pension shall be Rs. 1500/- per month per head.


i) The pension shall be paid into the beneficiaries account through RBI in the last month of every quarter, i.e. June, September, December, March. ii) Persons receiving Widows Pension will not be eligible for any other financial assistance/pension from Delhi Administration or any other source.


In case of grievances, the applicant may appeal to the Director, Department of Women and Child Development for redressal of her grievances in this regard.